Tatiana at the Aalto University Library (Helsinki - 2015)

Tatiana at the Aalto University Library (Helsinki - 2015)

Less interested in designing products and services of today when the near-future is pending, Tatiana centers her work around building and uncovering non linear futures through research and objects/systems.

She has been studying at practicing design for 10 years through a holistic scope of architecture, industrial /interaction design, design research, and design strategy. Through this ten year process, participatory and collaborative methods are always at the core.

She has previously graduated from Aalto University in Helsinki where she spent 4 years tinkering with intaginble interfaces in the Media Lab. She has worked for numerous consultancies primarily at Frog in Shanghai, and collaborated with Unicef, GSM mobile, and the Green Party for the EU parliament.

Upon returning to Beirut she has lead the programs and themes of Beirut Design Week and spearheaded workshop programs at the MENA Design Research Center revolving around design extrapolations.

Through exhibitions, collaborations, films, performances, objects, strategies, teaching and documentation she find avenues at creating foreseeable futures that individuals, companies, and non designers can either plan towards or mitigate. Her works are covered by Monocole, Dezeen, DesignBoom, The Future Laboratory..