Designing near futures around technology, ecology, governments, society, ..etc using speculative design tools and methods

Research Methods

Futures cone, Futures Wheel, Trend Forecasting, Backcasting, Letters from the Future, Quick Prototyping


Prototypes , Fictional Services


Hind Chammas / Design researcher + co-producer

Students of LIU, ALBA, LU, NDU, LAU,

What kind of objects might exist in the near future?

Speculative Needs is a workshop that I have initiated since 2016 and is ongoing. It explores the realm of critical and speculative design in rethinking how we might radically change the world. I collaborate with designers, engineers, students and professionals to help them visualize the future, understand forecasting tools and methods, and equip themselves and their business for what might come next.

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Fomo Breather

A device that tracks your social media accounts and releases soothing gas upon hyperventilation from constant exposure to polished lives.


Reverse Anthropology

When the whole world becomes digital, this device is used to categorize and detect real human remains.


DNA Weddings

As genetically engineered babies become the norm with CRISPR, why not gift your best DNA asset a bridal shower rather than gifting your couch. That way you can engineer a baby that can compete with the beauty standards of this unforgiving world.



As people replace real humans with robots, sex becomes way too perfect. This kit revisits the human lost touch, whispers, breath, and sensual intermittent touch


Cyborg ATM

Today most people have artificial limps and pace makers in their hearts. In the near future we might be fully artificially enhanced. This atm scans your human organic parts and puts a price on it as organic becomes rare.



This ‘The SpeechWave Transmitter’ device is designed to translate and emit the sound waves of speech into a language that ‘emojified’ people can understand.


Do it Yourself!

After the democratisation of plastic surgery, genetic modifications will become the new norm. This home kit for non-medical people simplifies the procedures of altering or engineering the genetic materials of human eyes.


Brace the Face

Social media and our communication devices physically shield us from common social interactions. Since then, we have developed feelings of awkwardness and anxieties towards these social encounters. This wearable brace trains you to look into your date’s eyes, rehabilitating you from the antisocial effect of technology.


Confusing the Algorithm

This device absorbs the music history, web browsing cookies, and other searches of another person. This allows the algorithm that knows you all too well to recalibrate and give you less narrow suggestions.


Hormone Martini

With the legalization of medical marijuana, governments become more open to people using drugs recreationally. This new concept bar allows people to exchange hormones such as serotonin and dopamine intravenously while enjoying cocktails. Experiencing other people’s feelings teaches empathy and improves communications be- tween people.


Anti-Social Greeting

We introduce ourselves via linkedin, Facebook, Instagram email, etc. Our online presence is everywhere making it very easy to be tracked. This kit comes with extra careful measures to stay anonymous online. It has a skin scraper, a spit reservoir, a nail crusher, and a blood centrifuge. You can use any to give a piece of your DNA , to verify that you know this person.