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The Speculative Needs Project was conducted with 12 Universities in Lebanon. Some private others public stretching from the North down south. Around 200 students participated in creating futures and different realities. Some are dystopic, while others are dreamy. These objects open up possible and probable futures and allow a discussion around what our trajectory is going to look like in a few years. 


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FOMO or “Fear of Missing Out” is a real psychological syndrome that is increasingly manifesting because of our constant exposure to the internet and social media. In case of hyperventilation, use the breather as a therapeutic device. 


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In the future, wedding gifts will be in the form of DNA offerings. Guests will gift the bride with their best DNA assets to give to her future offspring. This allows the happy couple to engineer their babies and give them a better life and stronger chances of survival and success in an ever competing world. 

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Social media and our communication devices physically shield us from common social interactions. Since then, we have developed feelings of awkwardness and anxieties towards these encounters. This wearable brace, trains you to look into your date’s eyes, rehabilitating you from the antisocial effect of technology. 

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Social media is reinforcing the way we value looks and appearances, so much so that physical beauty has become the currency of the future. This beauty detector is equipped with a facial recognition software that measures your beauty index and compares it to a perfect specimen. Ranking you as a first, second or third class citizen, this index will define your quality of life starting from the quality of the services you purchase, to the seat you get at a concert, to the area where you live, etc.

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Data is becoming so accessible that you are able to know everything about people. Judging them becomes much greater as the data provided is far more detailed than just observing. This Tolerance compass helps you block types of information about the other person that you want to stop judging. For instance, by turning the dial over ‘politics’ it blocks all the information associated to it.

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In the future, smart houses become very controlling as every household has an AI powered system that communicates with its smart products. These same companies create “blind spots”or “temporary viruses” to “shut down the system temporarily”. Much like the microphones embedded in our phones, the system is never really off but gives the users feeling of privacy. Users trust in it because it is a trusted brand.



As technology progresses, sex toys become highly sophisticated, accurate, and intricate with the human body. They deliver ongoing pleasure that is precise, that never gets tired, and that is calculating body signals constantly for optimum satisfaction. Sexuality is also evolving towards extreme customization. People are giving up human interactions at the expense of having customizable sexual experiences. The nostalgia for the lost human touch is prominent. These archaic sex toys are meant to restore what is lost during robotic sexual intercourse : Breath, whispers and sensual touch.