and I am,

  an interaction designer based in Helsinki



With Architecture as my background, it taught me about human space, the philosophy of what makes the space a place, and the place a meaning which extends beyond the physical form and structure. Time in the broad sense, and instances in a smaller sense, was my personal medium. There is a strong focus on the philosophy and the beauty of situations as imperfect as they are and as small as they can seem to be, in every project.

I then moved on to become an Industrial and Collaborative designer and the human-centered design process sparked my intrigueto make things experientially stimulating, riveting that can spark new meanings to habits that seem invisible to the naked eye. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that everything that surrounds us, everything we experience and state to be good or worthwhile is contextual and above all, transient. To design is to design within context: of time, of behavior, of culture, and of perception.

Currently I am interested in designing for connected objects and object-centered design. Using speculation and criticality I explore the act of designing for machines and the new interactions physical and tangible interfaces offer.