SmartPlaces: making environments not only ‘things’ smart.

This project was part of a design strategy and innovation course that focused on the role of design in business. SmartThings is a home automation system that consists of a free app, a hub and a bunch of sensors that allow the user to monitor and control the home at a distance. 

Basic elements such as door locks and lights can be turned on and off upon the entering of the home with the presence detection sensor, so no daily interaction with them is needed. The app and devices also monitor leaks in the kitchen or floods in the washing machine.

After a couple of months of research we deciphered the business strategy of this company that is the competitor of NEST, and figured out that in an initial plan they are introducing the home automation kit. In a later plan it will expand in to the workplace, finally to create a smart world.


Designing the SmartPlaces App

The SmartPlaces app is designed in such a way that you can have all the places you can order online from under one platform.  All the places show in the automation feed where some things are 'automated' very much like the alarm timer.

The third app image shows the three main functions. 


The way SmartPlaces works, it keeps all apps intact. It takes you straight to the original app and at checkout asks if you would like to pay with the smartthings account. It registers all buys under one pay. All automations also happen more naturally.



Each store has a SmartThings hub . The hub serves to figure out the range of the person and upon entering the range the purchase is made. Having a range also gives real-time location-based information to make orders faster and not having to wait in a queue.


The SmartThings company is a very tech-oriented company. We redesigned the products to fit public spaces. We also redesigned the logo and the website and the app interface.